Astana Expo

Video contents design and production for Monaco and Kazakistan Pavillions

What goes around comes around. Exactly two and a half years after the Expo at home and exactly two and a half years after the one in Dubai, the so-called expo-of-the-middle is placed. It is placed in Astana, which is in Kazakhstan, which I dare you to find on the world map.
In spite of this, Bonsaininja's 'sense for pavilions' has not yet come to an end; on the contrary, it has seen us involved in two truly ambitious projects: the Monaco pavilion and the Kazakhstan pavilion.
More than a year's work, kinetic reflecting scenic sculptures, videomapping, interactive animated installations, experiential immersive walkways, a 360 degree projected planetarium on a 15 metre high fully immersive dome telling the story of the evolution of the universe, the faithful reconstruction of the interior of the Internation Space Station (ISS), two windows show us the beauty of the earth as seen from space, with a few astronauts winking, a hologram photorealistically reproduces the ISS, making it float in space as we discover its many modules, a long tunnel takes us through the history of man in the universe: from the first rocket attempt to the missions of the future, a wall made up of 168 screens creates a single 30-metre video wall, then finally to the Moon, in a room with a scale reproduction of the lunar soil and a 360° wrap-around cyclorama shows in timelapse the future activity of man in a lunar colony, on the horizon our planet Earth, an eclipse and everything turns red and finally on the upper floor a large convex mirror reflects the skyline of future Astana with all the activities from now until 2050!


Project, Creative Direction and Executive Production: Simmetrico Network
Creativity and Post Production: Bonsaininja Studio
Music and SFX: Gianmaria Serranò
Year: 2017