Bahrain Police 100th Anniversary

Contents conception and production

Ever since we were kids, we've always been big fans of the police (and firefighters) and we finally got the chance to work for them in our first big show: an hour and a half celebration for the 100th anniversary of the Bahrain Police Force, with projections, perfomers, horses, camels and more.
It was a long journey, from the first creative ideas to the final delivery, and between hours of flying, meetings, storyboards, rehearsals, shooting, screaming, negotiating, it was a real honour to be part of the team that made Bahrain proud of its police force.


Client: Minister of Interior of Bahrain
Product: Ceremony Video Content 
A Co-Production: Black Engeneering + Pico Bahrain
Executive Director: Massimo Fogliati
Executive Producer: Khalid Ahmed Juman
General Director: Gavin Robins
Video Content Direction adn Production: Bonsaininja Studio
Music Composer: Christian Steinhäuser, Dasdur Berlin
Composer Assistant: Maximilian Trieder, Dasdur Berlin
Music Recording: German film orchestra - bablesberg studios
General Supervising of broadcasting & TV directing: Ahmed Al Shaikh
TV Director: Paul Van Koelen
Broadcasting Manager: Annanaria Marrone
Year: 2019