Bertot 100 Years Forging Our Future

Event management and content creation

A centenary anniversary. A formal dinner. An industrial shed.
A company turning one hundred years old has value in itself. In a nation built on small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate heritage, a milestone like this is cause for celebration.
The brief: to transform a space from factory to emotion, to celebrate the values, quality and historical legacy of a company that has spanned an entire century, growing and evolving with it and achieving an internationally recognised position in their sector.
Many square metres of video mapping and two hours of immersive entertainment designed to accompany guests through the moments of the evening, not to make them forget where they were but to magnify the feat of actually being there to celebrate one hundred years of success.


Product: Celebration Event + Galà Dinner
Client: Bertot
Creative Direction + Production: Bonsaininja Studio
Set Up: GEMA
Technical Suppliers: Italvideo Service
Catering: Spazio7
Location: Bertot Headquarter - Ciriè