Edison Open 4Expo

Video content production and interactive installation development

There are some jobs that more than jobs are umbilical cords that reconnect you to a past you love.
From your grandfather working in the fu-Montedison factories to the first electric lighting of La Scala in 1900 minus something.
We were thrilled to interpret this company's desire for the future, writing and visualising a video/manifesto for the inauguration of their work at the Triennale and designing and constructing the set-up for the Salone in the splendid Foro Bonaparte venue.
The electronic music of the master DJ Aladyn, the daring visuals, the interfaces and the mirrored surfaces, for a reflection on the future through the Art Nouveau rooms of the Milan of yesteryear.


Product: Video Creativity and Exhibition Design Edison4Expo
Client: Edison
Production: Bonsaininja Studio
Technical Service: Italvideo
Outfitting: Alessandro Rosso Group
Programming: Wazabit
Location: Edison Building and Trinnale Cadorna
Video Music: Dj Aladyn