Hoover @ IFA Berlin

VR Experience design and development

A matryoshka of virtual realities: a virtuality, within a virtuality, within reality.
The challenge was to seamlessly combine two different types of VR, 360 video and interactive realtime 3D. We decided to exploit the differences between the two modes to create an experience with an increasing degree of interactivity.
We start with the 360 video: the user can only look around, he is one of the participants at a dinner party among long-time friends. The preparation of the dinner supports the display of the different features of the kitchen of the future in Hoover's vision. During the action, one of the characters finds a VR visor in the house, which is put on the viewer's head (i.e. the camera).
This is where the interactive 3D experience hooks up: the user is told to get up and explore a three-dimensional environment, in which he or she can test out some mini-games, more closely related to the technical features of Hoover products.
The first section is narrative, and serves to communicate a more general vision of the near future in the kitchen. The second section, on the other hand, focuses on interactivity and play, and serves to amaze the user by exploiting the potential of the media, to make even the most technical information on the operation of household appliances fun and memorable.


Product: VR Experience
Client: Candy Hoover Group
Title: The Kitchen Of The Future
Creativity + Production + Postproduction: Bonsaininja Studio
3D + Development: 22DOGS
Year: 2017