La Cimbali & Faema Corporate Events

Corporate events design and mangament

One business, two brands.
Our aim was to organise two parties for two different brands in the same physical space.
Imagine: 400 people dancing to the rhythm of Cimbali until 2am. And 500 (different) people rocking to Faema's music from 6pm. On the same day. In the same place.
Two caterers, two sets of visual content, four performances, two photo boots, a calligrapher, a mixologist, two evenings to be planned, organised, launched and lived.
On one side La Cimbali, technology, the international market, super-automatic machines, design. On the other Faema, passion, tradition, taste, the world in a coffee.
Two evenings, two worlds; nine hundred and sixty minutes between the end of the first and the beginning of the second.


Product: La Cimbali Corporate Event + Faema Corporate Event
Client: Cimbali Group
Creativity + Production + Postproduction: Bonsaininja Studio
Graphic Content: Giacomo Vignoni Studio
Set Design: Studio Traverso
Set up: Gema Allestimenti + Gruppo2A
Location: Hangar 100
Dj Set: Dj Aladyn
Food&Beverage: Drink&Taste
Service: Italvideo