Samsung Life/Installed

Interactive installation design and development

Life Installed is the most complex and important project of 2012.
Architect Italo Rota called us for a big challenge: we had to describe the technologies and the visions of the future society.
This is the idea: a minimal apartment, few furniture and completely gray. An open-space to imagine and dream the future.
Each visitor has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Through it he can peek at the everyday life of a typical family of the future with a 360° vision.
He decide what to watch and when in the space around him.
Schermata 2015-12-22 alle 18.49.43.png


Prodotto: Installazione interattiva
Cliente: Samsung Italia
Agenzia: Cheil Italia
Direttore Creativo: Italo Rota
Allestimenti: Eurostands
Creativita’, Regia, Produzione e Post: Bonsaininja Studio
3d Shooting & Programmazione: Yellowbird