Jeep 4xE Virtual Press Conference

Virtual Press Conference

Knowing how to interpret the values of a brand and how to turn them into a story: that's what we know how to do. This is what we did for the launch of the new Jeep 4XE.
The point is that a Jeep is always a Jeep. All the better if it's electric. Fun, safe, stylish, technological and with a soul. And electric, did I mention that? Without prejudice to the values that historically give it life. Form and substance.
So no compromise between driving pleasure and the 'green' revolution, it is the 4x4 we know, the car that reminds us 'Go Anywhere, Do Anything' on every climb, but more efficient and eco-friendly.
Whether you have driven along white roads in the Sienese hills, supermarket car park ramps or busy intersections screaming with horns, on the way home you only need to plug it into a power cable to charge it with more coolness and freedom.


Product: Virtual Press Conference
Project + Creative Direction + Executive Production: Simmetrico Network
Creativity + Production + Post Production: Bonsaininja Studio
Year: 2020