Haier @ MediaWorld Tech Village

Experience Center

A 360° three-dimensional journey with videos, installations and 3D experiences capable of transferring the brand's three cornerstones to the visitor in just a few moments: advanced technology, superior design and tailor-made approach.
A shop-in-shop designed to create an immersive branding and product experience. A new way of involving the Mediaworld group's customers, perfectly in line with the trend of this period, in which leaving home and entering a store is no longer just a 'pastime' but an action that must have value and must therefore be rewarded.


Product: Experience Center 
Client: Haier Europe
Creativity + Production + Post Production: Bonsaininja Studio + Alessandro Squatrito
Technical Supplier: Italvideo
Software Development: Aurora Meccanica
Set design: Eligo Studio
Set up: Alchemia Studio
Year: 2020