Reed @ MCE Milan

Pop-up geodetic structure design and deployment

When we were involved in this project, we didn't even know what Home Comfort was. Or rather, we kind of knew it, each of us knows it, but doesn't know we know it. In the end it's easy. Home Comfort means feeling good at home, consuming little, spending the right amount and doing good for the planet, all through technologically advanced tools with a simple, intuitive and up-to-date usability.
How much effort does it take to produce energy? And how easy it is to waste it.
We built four interactive installations: fun, physical, clear, making noises while they work, but interesting noises. Big structures, but big in a good way, that you feel with your whole body and you can also smell the wood and if you put your hand over them they are beautiful to touch. And then knobs, hooks, balls that bounce, pumps that blow air, wheels that turn, lights that light up, fans that make air.
All this to involve whole families in a game that tells them how the environment in which we live can be a little more comfortable and beautiful if we take care of it, and how we can feel better and spend less, all without great effort but with a little attention to everyday gestures.
All this inside two domes in Milan's Piazza Gae Aulenti. It was a beautiful ten days. Even though it rained all the time.


Product: MCE "Mostra Convegno Expocomfort in città"
Client: Reed Exhibition
Creativity + Production: Bonsaininja Studio
Interaction Design: Stefano Cardini
Set Design: Pollo Design
Set Up: Timor&Sanz
Location: Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milano
Backstage Video: Manuel Bove
Year: 2018