Mediaset Focus

TV Channel Identity

Focus is a world made up of many different topics, each with its own style. It is made of parchment, of pixels, of stardust, of earth, of wonderful places, of history, of discoveries, of hopes. So many styles, so many images, so many contrasts. And many juxtapositions.
Because everything touches, influences, interpenetrates. An invisible line divides and unites the subjects, through the ages and places of the world. But this line is never fixed and defined, and makes us realise that everything is constantly evolving and changing.
There are stunning, high-resolution photos within which you can get lost, animated and highly accurate infographics, vintage drawings reminding us how far science has come to get here, intangible holograms that you think are the future and instead are already the present. Focus is here and now. And it has an open vision that has no boundaries, neither of time nor of space.
Focus is right where it needs to be.


Product: Channel Identity
Client: Mediaset / Direzione Creativa Coordinamento Immagine
Creative Direction: Bonsaininja Studio
Music: RTI
Year: 2018