Alfa Romeo Giulia reveal

Event management and content creation

Our great automotive passion continues, an all-Italian passion that we share with someone who has been involved in cars for quite a while: Alfa Romeo.
Recently the company made public an important change of direction: from now on only sports cars. 
Quadrifoglio Verde printed on the front.
You lower the nose and go straight. And hard.
Straightening the curves to hear all 510 horses singing in unison.
The occasion also marked the presentation of the new Alfa Romeo logo and the inauguration of the new Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese.
Not to miss anything, a Bocelli in great form sang Nessun Dorma / All'alba Vincerò while the car made its entrance. Epicity. Sobriety. Applause.
Long live Italy.


Product: Alfa Giulia video content
Client: Alfa Romeo
Agency: Simmetrico srl
Creative Director: Daniele Zambelli
Production: Simmetrico srl
Post-production: Bonsaininja Studio and 22DOGS
Event Direction: Marco Tufariello
Location: Alfa Romeo Historical Museum