Winter @ Tantora Al-Lula

Video Contents production and Experience Design

A festival like no other, in a place like no other. This is the promise of Winter at Tantora, the first event of its kind held in Al-Ula County.
Surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty and magnificent monuments to human endeavour that span millennia, Al-Ula is one of the world’s greatest undiscovered wonders.
Hosted by the residents of Al-Ula, the festival runs from 20th December 2018 until 9th February 2019. 
info: www.winterattantora.com


Event: Winter at Tantora Festival
Agency: MMG KSA
Creative and production manager: Black Engineering
Set design and architecture: Studio Gioforma Milano
Video Content Direction: Bonsaininja Studio
Kinetic Art: Leva - Todo
Video Exhibit: Cultural Spaces
Year: 2018