Candy Group @ IFA Berlin

Exhibition stand design and content production

Two clues do not make a proof, but if after exactly one year, Mr Candy has chosen us to design the stand and all the video contributions for the IFA in Berlin again, it means that the spark has been ignited. Or the switch, since we are talking about household appliances.
Their need was to design a single space (because single is the group) for two distinct brands (Hoover and Candy); our response, as people who stare at a monitor all day and know what reality is, was: "Sure, we take care of everything!" Except that in the everything, there was also the construction of a 1,000 sqm stand. In the summer.
So we transformed ourselves from a simple studio to a multifunctional body for variable needs. We developed content and installed videos in washing machine portholes; we became refrigerator specialists, tile artisans, equilibrists on telescopic ladders and talking oven experts. We thought about the kitchen of the future and gave it a shape in VR. To see it all take shape was something incredible. 
We returned from Berlin with the happiness of someone who is finally wearing a new suit. Also because the old one was all sweaty.


Product: Stand + Videos @IFA Berlin 2017
Client: Candy Hoover Group
Creativity + Production + Postproduction: Bonsaininja Studio
Set Design: Cromantica
Set Up: Benfenati Allestimenti
Year: 2017