Sky Upfront Event

Event management and content creation

This is the event to present the entire programming of Sky Italia for the 2014-2015 season.
This is the Sky Upfront, simply the biggest project that we’ve ever done.
We produced everything that happened during the night of the 10th September 2014. We started in May to think and project.
We did survey on the biggest location in Milan. We did plenary meetings and conference calls from side to side of the world.
We involved famous professionals and international performers. We projected a great show in a perfect Half Time style.
We worked six months side by side with our client just to arrive here...
For the second year running, after 2013 success, we had the possibility to work on that kind of project, but in this case we were involved as MAIN CONTRACTOR.


Client: Sky Italia
Show Director: Marco Boarino
Tv Direction: Angelo Poli
Dop: Marcello Jazzetti
Choreographer: Ivan Manzoni
Production: Bonsaininja Studio
Video Visual: Bonsaininja Studio