Store opening campaign

An international brand, universally recognisable, with a memorable logo and a clear market positioning.
The client's requirement was defined: to organise an inauguration event for the new Premium Store in Milan's Cordusio district in September.
We designed a branding campaign, called C-CONCEPT, the domination of the MM1 station in Cordusio for 15 days, several teaser videos cut in various formats and spread through social media, a skater raid in the middle of fashion week, a secret box sent to more than 100 influencers, 2 brand ambassadors, a pair of limited edition socks made ad hoc in 100 pieces with C'MON / CORDUSIO written on them, a series of limited edition t-shirts with statements related to the C-CONCEPT, a digital editorial plan full of appointments, a call to action for the influencers to invite their fan base to go to the store, a press release and a PR trail in the print media, and finally, an event.
The creation of an overall, structured project, developed in various media, covering a wide time span and generating the highest number of 'from digital to physical' conversions made the client accept our further proposal to extend the project for the pre-Christmas period.
We then designed a City Tour in the centre of Milan which, through a series of branded velos, would take potential buyers, mainly tourists, physically into the store, as well as visiting the most significant places in Champion's AREA-C. 
And to conclude, we created a billboard / maxi-poster of a total of 750 square metres on Piazza Cordusio, which embraces Palazzo Broggi on three sides and overlooks one of the places with the greatest passage of people during the exhibition period.


Product: Store Opening Campaign
Client: Champion Europe
Creative Direction: Andrea Bax + Bonsaininja Studio
Production: Bonsaininja Studio
Influencer Marketing + Digital PR: Blue Monkey
Ambassador: Ema Stokholma + Barengo
Videomaker: Massimiliano Takacs
Music: Smider Agency
Catering: Drink&Taste