Elica Storm

Pop-up showroom, panel and show cooking design and management

The Elica product presentation event, in a setting as important as the Brian&Barry Building in Milan, was a great opportunity to position the brand and create a meeting with its target clientele.
A physical place where products and their attitude were shown. A meeting point between supply and demand, mediated and validated by an authoritative third party, to give relevance to the promise of innovation and design.
A week of encounters during which guests chatted with Paola Marella about beauty, inspiration, food, special ingredients and secret techniques, aspirations and enterprises, while Asola's chefs cooked for them and the public.
Each day was recounted on Elica's Instagram profile through stories that were then collected in a dedicated Highlights, sharing with the public the behind-the-scenes, the set-up, the Chef's dishes and the guests.
The live streaming of the interview with the guest during the show-cooking allowed the online audience to interact as well.


Product: Elica Storm
Client: Elica
Creative Direction + Production: Bonsaininja Studio
Talent: Paola Marella
Walter Mariotti editorial director of Domus;
Ettore Mocchetti editorial director of AD;
Luca Dini editorial director of Condé Nast;
Maddalena Fossati editor in chief of La Cucina Italiana;
Matteo Torretta chef executive at Asola Restaurant;
Mattia Taglietti sous chef at Asola Restaurant
Videomaker: Fabio Bruno
Location: Brian&Berry Building - Milano