Comenda Clean With Care @ HOST Milan

Interaction Design and Video Contents production

In 2019, we were called upon by Comenda to enhance the visitor experience at the Host Milano 2019 trade fair, the marketplace of reference for the HO.RE.CA, foodservice, retail, large-scale retail trade and hotellerie world.
A way had to be found to show what would not be visible to visitors: a professional washing system the size of an off-campus student's flat, only much cleaner.
For the 'Show, don't tell!' series, we chose to put a vertical monitor on a track, as if it were a moving window, and let the insiders interact to enable them to understand all the processes and technologies of the washing system proposed by Comenda.


Product: Interaction Design And Video Contents @Host 2019
Client: Comenda Ali Group
Creativity + Production + Postproduction: Bonsaininja Studio
Technical Supplier: Italvideo
Software Development: Italvideo 
Videomaker Backstage: Fabio Bruno
Year: 2019